Traders insurance good advice

Traders insurance good advice

For traders insurance good advice is essential as many motor traders can end up being under insured. Without the correct sums value insured for pay outs on indemnity cover and liability insurance. Or just as bad, over insured and paying for aspects and particulars of cover you’ll never actually need. Thus increasing your premiums and annual payments and driving down profits and reinvestment.

Get help and more information from This is why we train our trade insurance brokers in every detail and niche of the motor trade. Whether you operate as an owner driver, run car show rooms around the country or deliver goods for a third party. It is also why we work with the top trade insurance brokers in the UK with specialist underwriters who also know your business and traders insurance good advice inside and out.

All backed up by a variety of databases on vehicle parts, accidents, vehicle history and global repair contracts to keep your trucks and business on the move. With Evans and Lewis traders insurance good advice is guaranteed for the simple reason we wish to save you money to gain your custom. We will not do this while cutting corners however. If you need breakdown recovery but only in the UK, EU days will be removed. If you only require one class of Goods In Transit insurance for 11 months and one day, then you’ll pay not a penny more. In fact with our traders insurance, good advice is so forthcoming you’ll be telling us you have added security to trucks, park in CCTV range and gated areas and ensure the correct business postcode is used.

traders insurance good advice

Traders insurance good advice for those with ramps and compresssors

After a phone call with a specialist about motor traders insurance good advice received will have you asking for online discounts. Maybe even a limited mileage discount, pooling no claims bonuses from current drivers and ensuring that with one phone call you can change anything on your policy 24 hours a day. We supply combined insurance policies for premises and all road risks. Ensure your tools and equipment are covered in the event of fire and theft. Take into consideration your staff and the benefits of insurer supplied telematics, cams and software. Good advice on trader’s insurance is on tap with full legal support should you require it. To get the best price for your situation on traders insurance, good advice is not hard to come by if you just pick up the phone and call us. Alternatively complete our quick enquiry form and we’ll call back at your earliest convenience.

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