Motor trade insurance explained

Motor trade insurance explained

Motor trade insurance is a very attractive policy that all people wish to have access to. Because it can be cheaper than normal car insurance, especially across multiple vehicles, normal families often try to apply. Which is why you need motor trade insurance explained in detail. Only those who work within the industry can buy a policy or those who buy and sell cars.

Get more information at  An insurer will ensure you application is correct by asking for proof of business operations. This is an all encompassing insurance policy with motor trade insurance explained, each and every aspect is tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are a part time mechanic or repair antique cars full time. As long as your business involves vehicles and you earn an income from those operations, you should be accepted. MOT centres, car showrooms, breakdown recovery agents and all manner of part time related activities will see you covered for less. Every insurance particular from structural buildings extensions, collective driver no claims bonuses, injuries to employees and loss of licence can be included.

Motor trade insurance explained

Motor trade insurance explained for new start ups

This type of insurance can have limitations. For instance when you have motor trade insurance explained, drivers under the age of 25 may be prohibited entirely or from some vehicle types, tonnage or high value. Those with convictions may also have problems. By having a great relationship with underwriters, we can often get a good deal even with minor restrictions in place. Questions will arise as motor trade insurance covers everything. From business premises, tools and equipment and security of vehicles and theft. Goods in transit with all categories explained, breakdown recovery both nationally and European green card. Mileage and routes taken can also be a saving grace when it comes to monthly premiums. By asking questions and having motor trade insurance explained in detail you’ll begin to learn that even the most complicated aspects can be written in or out. Any service you offer, parts you supply, work you carry out and indemnity can be arranged.

Motor trade insurance explained for traders with premises

When you first contact us to have your Motor trade insurance explained, we will detail everything related to your business. You will be advised about all road risks, employer’s liability insurance and public liability values. You will be offered explanations on how parking in secure areas overnight or en route will lower premiums. That making use of dashboard cams, telematics and insurer software can drive down costs. If you have valuable machinery on site we will build in policy details in the event it could be stolen. With replacement vehicles at hand in an instant. If you have visitors to your premises or trucks and vehicles visit other business premises, you’ll be covered for all third party damage. If you would like to have Motor trade insurance explained by one of our specialist brokers or if you have queries as to whether your niche business will be accepted as such. Please do complete the enquiry form and we will reply at your earliest convenience. Alternatively call and we will be happy to assist.

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