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Motor Insurance database information

Motor Insurance database information from brokers helps motor traders to check if their vehicles are on the goverment system

Motor Insurance database information is accessible by everyone in the UK. Helping to ensure all motor trade vehicles are correctly insured and that info can be tracked as and when needed i.e. road speed cams. Truck owners, fleet running businesses and the police all have open access to minor details. More detailed information can be gleaned by authorities and insurers and info is retained for seven years. The point of access for the public is and the entire service is run by Experian and allows you to see if your vehicles are listed. It’s an handy service as it can be used by those involved in accidents to check whether the named driver or a car involved in an accident is insured. Offering instant peace of mind at a worrying time.

There is a fee for one off Motor Insurance database information access but those in the trade and other businesses needing to check more often can opt for a subscription. For instance, a motor trader offering vehicle breakdown services or roadside repairs may wish to check the validity of a vehicle’s insurance before buying a service. If you wish to check a vehicle you own as a company or individual, the service is free. Be warned that checking a vehicle that is not yours is an offence. The most costliest aspect of motor trade insurance and one which makes premiums higher for all in certain areas, is vehicles that are uninsured. Claims made against uninsured motor trade vehicles where funds are not reaped from an insurer’s pool payout equates to a loss. Use the Motor Insurance database information to protect your bits and bobs, and ensure your own vehicle information is up to date.

Motor Insurance database information

Motor Insurance database information is found at

The stored information on Insurance database  is the reason motor trade insurance brokers and insurance houses can deliver instant quotes so quickly. This is in no small part due to having access to multiple databases in regards to convictions and vehicle history. The MID being one of them. If you are searching the database and don’t find a particular vehicle listed, this could be one of many reasons. Your insurer didn’t update details which would be rare. The vehicle is still listed as off road and so called SORN. Or the vehicle is uninsured. While the vehicle owner doesn’t risk arrest, prosecution and the vehicle being seized and destroyed is. Out of the many tools a motor trading business could make use of, the Motor Insurance database information is certainly one to consider. As soon as a policy is on with us, we or partner insurers update your details on MID too.

Cheap finance deals

Cheap finance deals

Finding the best car financing deals that are cheap finance deals can be challenge in todays market.

cheap finance deals

Cheap finance deals from Vauxhall The way manufacturers, dealerships and direct to market insurance houses make those offers is very different. Yet they all work along the same lines. To try and get you to buy their product. Scan any deal and you can currently get completely free insurance for a term, with and without deposit. Perhaps if not meeting the criteria and a young driver, receive free insurance with a one off payment. Or they will just hand you a lump sum to contribute to a frozen policy. All sounds great doesn’t it? Have you read the terms and conditions? We would advise all new car buyers to ensure they are receiving the proper and correct cover before signing any three year contract.

In insurance anything that ties you in for three years is probably not going to be the cheap finance deals with insurance that you thought it to be. Premiums do go up, but they also come down again. No matter how good that new car insurance offer is, compare cheap finance deals online for the best price. You also need to check the finer details to see if there are any exceptions for trade use. Employees and motor trade business owners can often put private cars under a single motor trade insurance policy document. This could also extend to family fleet. Are you still getting a cheap finance deal by going with the manufacturer’s or dealership’s insurance house or will you be paying out twice over?

cheap finance deals

Cheap finance deals are offered on used cars

Motor trade people are lucky in that they have Evans and Lewis at their beck and call. One question and your cheap finance deals will not only be matched but probably bettered. Don’t restrict your use of vehicles by getting into cheap finance deals that restrict your job mobility or use of the new vehicle you are buying. You’ll find everyone is trying to add a form of insurance to anything you buy these days. Remember, if in doubt call us to compare cheap finance deals with insurance and we’ll get a specialist underwriter to see if the offered deal can be bettered. Old cars, new cars, vehicles on lease, don’t sell your trade business operations short. Call today for the best insurance policies and lowest premiums because we don’t care which vehicle or fluffy dice you buy.

Traders advice for part timers

Traders advice for part timers working in London

Traders advice for part timers is not easy or cheap to come by. Secrets, tips and tricks are held on to by all simply because it gives them a competitive edge. An entrepreneur seeking to start up as a part time motor trader needs to collect information from a variety of sources. Why not tap us up for the all important tips and advice? There is no reason why you can’t earn a crust from a £65 billion a year industry and join the automotive related workforce of almost 800,000 people in the UK. There are a few things you need to understand if working from home. Your typical home insurance policy will not provide cover for a home motor trade business. Secondly you are legally obliged to have a form of cheap motor trade insurance in place even if only working part time.

traders advice for part timers

These are the more obvious points of motor traders advice for part timers. Rules apply whether you are an occasional antique car restorer, flip cars at auction on behalf of owners and transport vehicles. As well as any trades such as part time mechanic, valeter, windscreen repairer and especially if you operate as a car delivery driver for home movers. We have a wealth of traders advice for part timers that may seem unrelated to part time motor trade insurance. Though taking in the bigger picture, every aspect of your business will have a knock on effect financially. While you will be concerned with research, business services and financing your part time efforts. We are also interested in offering insurance related to your activities and only providing cover for aspects you carry out.

Traders advice for part timers

Traders advice for part timers

Traders advice for pert timers getting started in business

This in turn affects tool replacement cover, managing monthly premium payments and additional insurance for garages with the vehicles you keep on the premises while working on them. Focusing both of our efforts on what is important and essential ensures costs are kept to a minimum. In depth cover for public liabilities, the correct sums value insured for indemnity against work you carry out. Coupled with the combined traders advice for part timers you receive, soon you’ll be up and running, more knowledgeable and best of all, fully covered for less. To make motor trade insurance cheaper and an easier task. To find out how to drive down costs and get cheaper premiums. To have a chat about security, overheads and receive free traders advice for part timers, simply complete out short enquiry form.

Cheap cars from abroad

Cheap cars from aboard helps traders but motor trade insurance costs rise

There is an expected flood of used cars coming on to the market as the new registration comes around means that cheap cars from abroad are helping used car traders. The March plate change means that huge number of cars will arrive on the market as people upgrade their cars. As each person buys a new car then another additional car appears on the forecourt. Increasingly ther are more cheap cars from abroad as the production costs overseas are very much lower.

cheap cars from abroad

Cheap cars from abroad helps traders sales

The arrival of the March plate means that there will be additional bargains all over the country. Main dealers are offering significant deals on finance so that it make it more affordable to get a car on the road. However , when looking to buy a cheap used car from abroad it is wise to seek help and advice to ensure that the vehicle has not been in an accident and that it is in good mechanical condition. All the obvious checks like tyres and steering need to be done to be safe on the roads at all times. If is important to get help and advice from somebody who is familiar with used cars. When buying a cheap cars from abroad you will need to see a valid MOT certificate and usually you woulde request that this be done just before you buy the car.

As we have seen the proce of cheap cars from abroad fall we have also seen motor trade insurance costs rise and the average policy is now around £1200. If you are looking for a low cost policy then Evans and Lewis may help you .We are seeing increasingly numbers of cases of fraud where individuals take out policies and then have a claim without actually paying for the policy in full. There are now number of checks that can be carried out to see if the individual is valid. We  would always look to see if someone was on the electoral role and if there was a phone number in use. Also Google checks can check somebodys address to see if it is legal. The large levels of fraud in recent years means that overall motor trade insurance premiums overall have risen.