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Cheap cars from abroad

Cheap cars from aboard helps traders but motor trade insurance costs rise

There is an expected flood of used cars coming on to the market as the new registration comes around means that cheap cars from abroad are helping used car traders. The March plate change means that huge number of cars will arrive on the market as people upgrade their cars. As each person buys a new car then another additional car appears on the forecourt. Increasingly ther are more cheap cars from abroad as the production costs overseas are very much lower.

cheap cars from abroad

Cheap cars from abroad helps traders sales

The arrival of the March plate means that there will be additional bargains all over the country. Main dealers are offering significant deals on finance so that it make it more affordable to get a car on the road. However , when looking to buy a cheap used car from abroad it is wise to seek help and advice to ensure that the vehicle has not been in an accident and that it is in good mechanical condition. All the obvious checks like tyres and steering need to be done to be safe on the roads at all times. If is important to get help and advice from somebody who is familiar with used cars. When buying a cheap cars from abroad you will need to see a valid MOT certificate and usually you woulde request that this be done just before you buy the car.

As we have seen the proce of cheap cars from abroad fall we have also seen motor trade insurance costs rise and the average policy is now around £1200. If you are looking for a low cost policy then Evans and Lewis may help you .We are seeing increasingly numbers of cases of fraud where individuals take out policies and then have a claim without actually paying for the policy in full. There are now number of checks that can be carried out to see if the individual is valid. We  would always look to see if someone was on the electoral role and if there was a phone number in use. Also Google checks can check somebodys address to see if it is legal. The large levels of fraud in recent years means that overall motor trade insurance premiums overall have risen.