Motortraders advice

Motortraders advice

Motortraders advice from bokers who specialise ┬áin the area is vital for success when trading. We’ve been where you are now. Typing endlessly into search engines to get an answer. What ever happened to being able to use the phone and get instant Motortraders advice? Look no further because if you have questions, our motor trade insurance brokers have the knowledge. It’s an amazing fact about this business, that every policy document begins life in the same format. It is merely adapted to your needs and evolves with your business over time. New trucks, an expanding business, problems with convictions, penalty points or young drivers. How can one Fleet Manager or Director have all the answers? This is one of the many reasons we have a 24 hour helpline offering Motortraders advice. Allowing you to pick up the phone and not resort to search engines. Getting answers from websites not really knowing if what you’re reading is true and current.

motortraders advice

Motortraders advice for garages with premises

A variety of places do offer Motortraders advice and up to date guidance on legislation, such as the local trading standard bodies. Specific retail motor law enterprises will also assist but advice may come at a cost. You wouldn’t expect an insurance broker to be able to offer business advice for the motor trade either. Yet as each of your motor trade activities are connected to a policy point, you may well be surprised. Do you need EU breakdown recovery and can it be added as and when you want? Are you correctly covered for that new contract and transporting another company’s goods? Are your drivers holding the correct CPC certification. Is CPD overdue? You wouldn’t expect a motor trade insurance broker to know the answer, but they do.

Questions on motor trade insurance for under twenty fives, finding out how to go from part time to full time legally. Finding answers on business premises coverage and whether you should hire a new driver or simply add a night time shift. Finding out whether you are correctly covered under a policy with every new business decision is hard work. It is essential that you have the answers. If an accident occurs because a route changed and you’re over the low mileage covered. Should a driver’s no claims bonuses come up short. Are you covered for loss of licence or replacement vehicle on the new vehicle you forgot to add? These and many more questions regarding motortraders advice are easily accessed with one phone call to us any time of the day.

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