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Motor Trade Insurance Questions


Motor traders new starts. How do you get it right?

Motor traders new starts. How do you get it right?

Isn't it nice to be able to talk to a broker about your new business venture without being treated as a newbie to the industry. You may have worked part time for years from home or as a hobbyist. A lot of people come into the trade from having an interest in repairs or vehicle maintenance. Or have been an employee at a known industry leader, now taking your expertise to another level. When it comes to insurance for motor traders new starts. How do you get it right? Because we treat you as a knowledgeable person, respecting your years of experience. We deliver new start up motor trade insurance quotes that are as informing as they should be. We won't fail to mention policy particulars because it's too complicated to explain. This is where many brokers get it wrong. Skipping the details which could save you a lot of money on your monthly trade premiums.

In fact, we have spoken to entrepreneurs who have actually answered our brokers questions ahead of being asked. There are still parts of a policy where we can assist you. While you may understand about low mileage discounts. That parking in secure areas with additional locks on vehicles and buildings will decreases overheads. Ensuring tools and high end machinery are properly calculated for the value sums insured. Even pooling no claims driver bonuses. You should still ask however, with being a Motortraders new start. "How do you get it right?" In our view the getting it right part is our job. Only once we have realised our potential, pushed the boundaries of the UK top insurance underwriters and looked into all scenarios. Only then does it fall onto your shoulders. For information about MOT trade requirements follow the link.

Setting up in the motor trade business

In the pursuit of cheaper insurance for motortraders new starts. How do YOU get it right? We would state this of course but with all your years of experience. With all the knowledge you have about Goods in Transit cover, combined buildings insurance and accepting insurer supplied software, telematics and dashboard cam. You could give us a call to check over any details of your new start up trader's quote. To ensure you really are getting the best deal for your new enterprise. It's always reassuring to find out you did get it right. But equally responsible to ensure you did get it right. Call us today and we'll make sure we get it right.

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Motor Trade Insurance Services

Motor Trade Insurance

Motor Trade Insurance

Evans & Lewis are experts within the motor trade field and have a number of experienced representatives who can provide a cheap motor trade insurance  quote.  Within a matter of minutes it is possible for us to take down your details and generate a competitive quote within this market.  Over the years we have developed strong relationships with several insurers and as we provided numerous policies within this sector we are able to provide you with a quality service.

With our knowledge and understanding of this market we are  able to provided competitive quotes for combined motor trade insurance with premises and also the tools and equipment that are used within the motor trade.  Getting the right motor trade insurance policy is crucial when running this type of business and the level of indemnity can be set to cover whatever type of vehicles  you are using.  We have specialist schemes for motor trade insurance with buildings and also combined motor trade insurance with property and tools cover.

As we are not a call centre we are confident of providing a first class service with a competitive pricing structure.  We also have a dedicated claims handling team which will take the initial details of your claim and process it right the way through to its conclusion.  We can also offer additional business use and also provide excess protection.  Thus, in the event of a claim you would not be lumbered with the excess.  We therefore feel that we can provide motor trade insurance combined with additional features that can be tailored to suite each individual business.  (read more)

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Road Risk Insurance

Road Risk Insurance

Evans & Lewis Insurance specialise in providing Road Risk Insurance for Motor Trade business’ and business’ that sell vehicles.  In recent times there has been a contraction in the Insurance market within this sector.  There are now fewer Insurers to provide these types of policies.  We  have an experienced team providing competitive quotes for Road Risk and also provide cheap combined Motor Trade Insurance.  We offer a range of payment options that can assist individuals to spread their payments over a variety of terms.

So whether you are looking for a Road Risk policy or Motor Trade Insurance with premises cover, it is extremely important to talk to a specialist in the Market like Evans & Lewis.  It will take a short time to go through your insurance requirements and we provide quotes for Motor Trade Insurance combined with Buildings and also Employers Liability and Public Liability. 

We  can offer a range of different levels of cover.  From third party only, third party Fire & Theft or fully comprehensive.  We also provide excess options from £250 - £1000.  There are also specialist policies which cover vehicles in transit, vehicles left at business premises and it is also possible to protect your no claims bonus.  (read more)

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Combined Motor Trade Insurance

Combined Motor Trade Insurance

When running  a motor trade business is very important to have the correct insurance policy in place to cover  all eventualities that can arise during the year. If you are employing staff and own a premises then the best cover is a combined motor trade insurance policy that will enable to put all the facets of your company under one roof. The main constituents of the policy are the road risk, employers liability, the public liability and the buildings cover. It is also greatly under estimated the importance of cover that provides revenue for you in the event of fire or flood or any other circumstance that may occur to your business activities.

In order to obtain the best costing it can be advisable to increase the excess as this can assist in lowering the motor trade insurance quote. Once you have identified all the attributes that you require with the policy it is best to speak to several firms who have significant experience and a dynamic approach to the service. Always choose a broker who has a reputable claims handling line because this is in essence what you are paying for.   (read more)

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Motor Fleet Insurance

Cheap Motor Trade Insurance

How To Get Cheap Motor Trade Insurance Premiums Through Knowledge Knowing how to get cheap motor trade insurance premiums for your motor trade business can require some brainstorming.

Most operatives in the motor trade are clued up business men in the middle of a daily vehicular business and the last person they wish to deal with is a broker who doesn't know their trade. You know the ins and outs and wish to deal with an insurer which is straight and shows common sense. Understanding the needs of the individual business, premises, vehicles, liabilities, indemnities and drivers to be insured.

Our clients offer advice about cars as a dealership or making essential body and engine repairs as a mechanical repairer whose coverage needs to be the right level to offer customers guarantees on the work carried out. There are also car park owners who are tasked with the safety and security of thousands of cars on a weekly basis, entrusting Evans and Lewis with their livelihoods and insurance coverage. A vast swathe operate in vehicle recovery as a breakdown service or offer garage repairs as mechanics. Their customers expect the highest level of service and so should you. (read more)

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Under 25 Motor Insurance

Under 25 Motor Insurance

Motor trade insurance for the under 25’s has significantly contracted in recent years and there are now only 2 or 3 insurers in the market place who will cater for this type of risk.  Often enough the insurers will request a business plan that provide projecting financial forecasts.  If an individual is looking for a combined  motor trade insurance with premises, then again, a similar format would apply.  The insurers are increasingly wary of individuals who take out this type of policy but are not working within the motor trade.
We have an in depth and broad understanding of the motor trade insurance market and we have gained experience over the years to ensure we can deliver  low cost solutions to suit your business.  When starting off in the motor trade it is of paramount importance to contain all overheads that will enable the business to grow, rather than being lumbered with large costs.
The motor trade insurance that we provide is for vehicle sales, servicing and repair, windscreen fitters, valeters and tyre fitters.  So whatever trade you work in within the motor trade sector, we are confident of finding you the best insurance deal.  As we have worked with our insurers for numerous years, we can negotiate on your behalf to find a motor trade insurance with buildings  solution that is bespoke to each business.  

(read more)

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