Traders insurance . How to save money

Traders Insurance is required If you are setting up a business that buys and sell cars. You will require motor trade insurance to cover you and your customers vehicles. If you are poroviding general motor services such as MOT and servicing work then you will need to cover your customer cars whilst they are in your premises. The vehicle that you have will need to be covered against damage and theft. the best ways to save money is to get several quotes from different brokers. Ofen enough you will be asked what is your best price. It is best to be honest in this situation as if you provide a figure that is inconsistant with the risk then the broker know that you are not providing the correct information.

Traders Insurance for all elements of the trade

Traders Insurance for all elements of the trade

Ensure that you have all the information to hand when you are  looking for a quote as the brokers time is valuable and he or she will not want to waste any time whilst you look for information when quoting your traders insurance . Be sure to exactly establish want level of cover that you need. Finding a cheap policy can take some time as you will need to run through the details with at least 3 brokers and then you can compare one rate againt another.  If you are looking to cover the premises and have  employees then you will need a combined motor trade policy that covers the staff, the building and public liability aswell. Employers liability is general around £10 million which is standard in the industry and this will be included within the traders insurance policy . We hope this information is helpful in finding cheaper insurance for your business. Another factor that is very critial when looking for a policy is your post code and the number of drivers that you have employed.  Obviously you cannot alter your post code but you can start with a small number of drivers and increase this with time.

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