Motor trade insurance advice

Motor trade insurance advice

 Motor trade insurance Advice

Motor trade insurance Advice  for mechanics

The UK is lucky in that insurance for the motor trade is a competitive market. However to ensure you’re getting the best deal, receiving motor trade insurance advice direct from the horse’s mouth will allow you to compare offers with more certainty. Rather than simply posting a question to message boards and a multitude of conflicting tales in response. Because an insurance policy can be issued within minutes after first enquiry, a cheap offering and a happy chappy on the phone might be a persuasive factor. But is it really going to be the best policy for you, your company and employees? If you have only provided vehicle details and personal history to get a quote and received no other queries to ascertain your exacting niche business activity, then the answer is probably no. Every motor trade insurance broker should be doing their level best to proffer informative motor trade insurance advice to ensure your premiums are the lowest yet most comprehensive possible. Professionals in the trade at the supply end know that a personal and dedicated relationship is better for the long term, rather than a quick pound made and you switching before the year ends.


When discussing your insurance needs with our brokers, it is a two way conversation. With years of experience in offering motor trade insurance advice and tips to thousands of customers in a variety of different fields, we are adept at customising policy particulars. This process is heavily aided by our partner underwriters who also understand our position that your long term financial commitment to monthly premiums and it being the lowest but with the best coverage is important. If you have points or convictions then you will need extra advice. It’s the little things that matter, the clauses that some brokers hide away, we will reveal to be the parts that will cost you dear in the future. Small aspects such as a much higher than average excess which if you claim several times across a fleet certainly adds up to being bad motor trade insurance advice. Did you also know that breakdown recovery service can cost also? The insurer with the largest network of full time recovery agents may well be cheaper as well as faster. So to their repair network and availability of parts certainty. Time without a vehicle is lost business.


Every broker in the country should explain policy particulars and ensure the motor trade insurance advice and tips they provide are spot on. Which clause of Goods In Transit cover do you need? Can you obtain discounts for low mileage or short distance driving within a certain area? Do you really need breakdown recovery in Europe? Can you manage an annual payment rather than monthly premiums? Each and every question and advice on motor trade insurance quotes will assist in driving down the cost. There is a great consensus for building in multiple driver cover and making it sound like you’re saving loads with the combined no claims bonuses.

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