4×4 buying patterns change


Motor buying patterns change

In years gone by there has been a increase in values of 4×4 cars in the winter months. However accoding to a recent report by Glass’s this is no longer really the case. The winters of late have been increasily mild and there has been no or little rapid rise in demand in these tpyes og motors. Looking back over the past six years  we did have a couple of white Chistmas occasions but no a significant amount of snow. Additional information about specilaist 4×4 motor trade insurance is important to ensure that traders get the right cover.

Over recent years, a pattern has emerged and in the winters that have occured where there has been poor weather there has been an increased demand for 4×4 motors.  However, with warmer weather there has been no siginificant increase in demand and the volumes remain constant over the whole year.  This has lead to many motor traders having a surplus of stock in the spring months and a common trend has been for car dealers to hold less stock over this period. Dealers can often have a long memory when these sort of situations arise and often enough they will just hold the minimum level of stock, particularly, if the winter months are warmer than usual.  It is generally seen that the majority of motor buyers do no now prioritise having a 4×4 over this period.  So, it is apparent that the milder wetter winters that we are encountering have had a significant impact on sales within this sector.


Motor trade insurance for 4x4s

Motor trade insurance for 4x4s

Although the popularity of 4x4s is well understood, they are now seen as a family mode of transport and not specifically an off road vehicle for dealing with difficult weather conditions.  Also, many smaller motor vehicles now have the 4×4 option so, that the larger traditional style 4×4 is not such a necessity.  The heaviest duty 4x4s especially the v8 petrol engines, have suffered due to high fuel costs and there is no longer a general perception that these motors are the best solution for bad weather conditions.  Another factor which is perhaps hindering sales in this sector, is the high road tax, as they do not qualify for any of the low emissions discounts.  If they are insured on a car policy then, they will be a higher category than standard car, however, if they are on a motor trade insurance policy, then they would just be categorised in accordance withe the policy banding.

Therefore, it seems likely if this pattern continues and there is relatively lower or little snowfall, then the demand for this type of vehicles is likely to remain weak.  Looking at the current weather conditions and the forecast for the current weather period, there is no sign of a change in this and most motor traders seem to be resisting holding this type of stock





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